Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So It Begins!

Today was the first day of Slimming World. The day of nervous and not knowing whether youre going to get on the scales or not... I did.

I was terrified actually, I'm not great in groups so I turned up More than 30 minutes early and chatted with our leader, who is lovely and made me feel at ease.

I decided I would join for the 12 weeks upfront package, which came to £49.50 which gave me free membership and 2 weeks free within the 12 so I was happy that I was saving, as well as knowing that I HAVE to stick with it now!

I didn't get to stay to group long but was given my new packs and the leader buzzed over the choices and I hopped on the scales to see a familiar number of 19.3 which I seem to have been for a while now, luckily Christmas hadn't pushed those figures right up! There's no point in being upset about the numbers this week I guess as that Will be the heaviest I am standing on those scales.. from now on the only way is down.

Have you ever taken such a long look at yourself and wondered how you'd never seen how bad it was before? well tracing out my silhouette really forced me to think about things and just how bad a state I am in.

Whilst walking around Salisbury's this evening I nearly collapsed. My joints are so unstable at the moment and my knees are buckling with my weight. Something that clearly needs fixing.

I ha vent decided how often I will be posting a photo/silhouette yet but its only fitting that I post my very starting weight so I can look back on progress *fingers crossed*.

Today I had a Muller light (toffee) yogurt, a satsuma, an apple, a couple of bites of a nasty tomato concoction that I gave up on! A <1 fat mug shot (Chicken and sweetcorn) then some vermicelli past with quorn cooked in fry light, soy sauce and 30g cheddar (HXa) and a Alpen Light bar for dessert (HXb).

Going to bed satisfied and ready to start finding good recipes to try out for the next week!